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V DAY: How to take yourself on a date

HANNAH POWELL is not a cynic, she's an avid romantic, and loves the idea of love and everything that comes with it. However, a wise woman once told her that you must learn to be your own companion. So, this Valentine’s Day, Hannah shares her ideas on how you can take yourself on a date.

From #MeToo to #MigrantToo

#MeToo is undeniably opening the door for women to share their personal stories of sexual harassment and assault. But is it only doing so for a select group of women? Our Editor, Nidha Khan, talks to Mengzhu Fu from Shakti about the 'double-silencing' migrant women of colour face and the biggest challenge that Shakti is currently grappling with.

In Review: Oh Natural

Oh Natural, a New Zealand based company, flaunts a large selection of “exceptional cruelty-free, completely natural beauty, wellness, and lifestyle goodies”.  They have over 90 brands on their website and we tried out a few of their goodies.

Wā Collective: Ending Period Poverty, Period Waste, And Period Taboo

Saving money, saving the environment, and breaking boundaries of things once taboo. What’s not to love? Wā Collective, a New Zealand social enterprise founded in 2017, is doing all three things at once. Our Maverick, JOANNA LI, caught up with founder Olie Body over tea and jaffa hot chocolate to chat about how a grassroots Wellington enterprise is creating change, one menstrual cup at a time.