I have this friend who is pretty much a music encyclopaedia. When he mentioned to me a band called Alien Weaponry, I was more than a little intrigued. I found out about their success in getting to the finals of this year’s Smokefreerockquest AND Smokefree Pacifica Beats after a quick Facebook search, which then lead me to look up Cam Dawson, O-Boy and Half Eaten Pie.

Basically what began as a quick search became for me an obsession – because there is so much good music and talent out there!

The Smokefreerockquest line up shows this clear as crystal. You can’t help but get hyped for this epic event that allows young people to make a thrash or get their bassline heard in New Zealand’s music scene.

I asked the boys from Half Eaten Pie and Alien Weaponry what they are looking forward to about the upcoming Smokefreerockquest finale. Both bands said they’re looking forward to jamming with a whole bunch of people who love music – as well as getting the opportunity to have their music heard by a big audience.

That’s you, because you totally want to rock out at SFRQ, don’t ya?

Now I’m by no means a music know-it-all, but here are three things I am looking forward to about the SFRQ final:

1. Watching an array of talented artists perform. Artists who love music of all kinds and aren’t afraid to be themselves. That will be this year’s Smokefreerockquest. I am so hyped for it!

2. A first glimpse of the next generation of New Zealand music greats. By going to SFRQ, I’ll see the bands raw and in their element, doing what they love. In five years, when O-Boy is signed and international I’ll be able to say: “I saw them at SFRQ 2016.”

3. Extending my musical knowledge – get outside that that Top 40! Yes! Honestly there is so much good music out there and you will not regret going along for a listen.

The music at SFRQ shows what students can do and that young people have mega talent. When asked about their schooling habits, Alien Weaponry said: “We do all the important stuff first, like writing songs and practicing and gigs, and then if we have time left, we do school work … usually when the teacher emails our parents.”

OK, this may not be the greatest advice, but how about when you finish that Physics project, you head to SFRQ to see some of the things I and the bands are looking forward to, in action!

Alien Weaponry

Alien Weaponry

The final of Smokefreerockquest 2016 will be held at the Raye Freedman Arts Centre, Auckland, on Saturday 24 September. Tickets go on sale soon, so keep your eyes peeled!