“There wasn’t enough good food available. And you had to re-learn how to cook…there wasn’t enough good information out there on how to do this.”

Henry Firth and Ian Theasby coin these as the main roadblocks in the way of the vegan lifestyle. Through this realisation, the pair founded BOSH!, an online media channel providing those interested in plant-based food “with a great resource of simple, delicious plant-based recipes”.

As the founders of one of the world’s largest vegan social channels, it’s surprising to hear that Firth and Theasby only adopted this lifestyle under five years ago. Theasby says he “tripped and fell into veganism” following a New Year’s health resolution to give up alcohol.

“One month in, I decided to up the ante and trialed vegetarianism for a month – I found it really difficult! I started doing research on veganism and learned about the health benefits, ethical aspects and the environmental factors, it made me realise that it was definitely the best thing for me… I decided to go fully vegan at the beginning of March 2015.”

BOSH! founders, Ian Theasby and Henry Firth. Image supplied.

Firth was living with Theasby during the beginnings of his plant-based journey and naturally exposed to his experimental vegan cooking, Firth soon followed suit.

“At first, I must admit I mocked him for it, not impressed by his vegan curries. [But] at that time, a personal mission in my life was how I could try and make a big impact in stopping climate change. One night we ended up watching Kip Andersen’s Cowspiracy documentary together and I knew that I had to go vegan overnight.”

Since its inception in June 2016, BOSH! has quickly grown a loyal audience and boasts a community of over two million social followers. Firth credits the increase of readily available information on the recent vegan revolution to BOSH!’s success.

“Vegan used to be a bit of a dirty word, but I think people are becoming more conscious of what they’re putting into their bodies and the impact on the environment.”

Following the number of accolades awarded for their first self-titled cookbook, the pair have recently released a new book called BISH BASH BOSH! It’s focused on “how imaginative plant-based food can be”, including pages on how to make pulled jackfruit burgers, Camemberts, and even a vegan ‘faux’ gras.

We just want to put more plants on plates! We don’t care whether you’re a veggie, flexi or meat-eater, our recipes are for everyone who loves food.”

Discover a whole world of quick eats, weeknight suppers, showstopping feasts, and incredible sweet treats – all using the power of plants. Image supplied.

Theasby says the inspiration for the 140+ recipes came from foods enjoyed in their pre-vegan lifetimes.

“I love big, hearty home-cooked meals, so recreating Shepherd’s Pies and Lasagnes were a big priority for us. And of course the Tofish Finger Sandwich!”

From the collection, Theasby rates the Super-Speedy Spaghetti for a quick eat.

“The clue is in the name! It tastes so good and you can totally make it your own by throwing in red peppers, olives, capers, whatever you have in your fridge!”

BOSH!’s recipes use ingredients that are easily accessible from the local supermarket, and Theasby insists it’s not a lifestyle that will break the bank.

“Arguably meat is the most expensive component of a meal, so removing that cost makes your meal infinitely cheaper.”

So now, if you’ve come to a point where you’re wanting to try out a plant-based diet, the duo’s number one tip is to “eat the rainbow”.

“It can be surprisingly easy to lead an unhealthy vegan diet – living off pasta and potatoes isn’t good for anyone! So make sure you’re filling your plates with fresh veggies and eat your greens! Most restaurants have vegan options now too, so when you’re out and about it’s easier than ever to eat well.”

And keep an eye out for BOSH!’s next book, How To Live Vegan, a guide to everything you need to know if you want to eat vegan – set to be released later this year.


SERENA LOW is an International Business and PR graduate who dreams of becoming a polyglot, makes raw vegan durian cheesecakes and loves anything that helps her live more sustainably. Find her on Instagram (@serenajlow).


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