14 years old
Logan Park High School, Dunedin

Flight M58 to sky is boarding.

Singular passenger prepare for takeoff.

Make sure your seatbelt is fastened.

What, the plane has no seatbelt?

Safety hazard alert.

No wonder the ticket was free.

Please locate your nearest exit.

Sorry folks, we are having technical difficulties.

The pilot is sorting it out.

Shouldn’t take too long.

Passenger, pilot, airhostess and crew all look.

There appears to be a worm in the engine.

The engine is blocked.

How can the plane fly?

Pilot says ignore the worm.

Flight M58 to sky prepare for take off.

Wings up, wings down, wings up.

Sorry folks, minor turbulence.

No TV set or snackbar.

What a boring flight.

Not flying with this airline again.

No wonder there’s only one passenger.

The plane is plummeting to the ground.

Hold on for your life!

No oxygen mask or seatbelt.

This is not going to end well!

The plane delicately lands.

What are all these twigs?

Why is there an egg?

Flight M58 to nest has landed.

This poem is part of the TEARAWAY Young Poets feature for National Poetry Day.

The Common Room