When I think of sketch comedy I think of growing up watching All That with Amanda Bynes and American’s comedy machine SNL. In little ol’ New Zealand we too have dabbled in this kind of comedy with TV shows Super City, Funny Girls and up-and-coming live troupe Fricken Dangerous Bro.

What deems a successful and hilarious comedy sketch is its ability to contort our everyday situations and society to the extreme. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are the minds behind Comedy Central’s Key & Peele who create some of the most brilliant sketches comedy has seen. Here is a breakdown of their best sketches to date:


Obama Series

In the video, Peele plays with Obama’s more humourous flare as president. The series includes the hilarious video above as well as Obama’s college years and videos featuring Obama’s Anger Translator who also made an appearance at the very real 2015 White House Correspondent’s Dinner. They’re all worth a watch.


Substitute Teacher Series

Substitute teacher Mr Garvy has a large following on social media after the video above circulated. This sketch finally gets some revenge for all those years unique names went mispronounced. His increased aggravation and the addition of the students acting here leads a breadcrumb of humour for audience makes this one of Key and Peele’s finest.


Text Message Confusion

No situation sums up first world problems more than miscommunication over text. We’ve all been there and have been left severely embarrassed as a result. In the sketch, the texts are spoon fed to us and we lap up each and every one.


Dueling Hats

This sketch plays with a very simple idea of friendly competition and turns being cool on its head. Think you know what’s fresh? You’re nowhere near the same level as Key & Peele.


Yo Mama Has Health Problems

Key & Peele have created the most believable “yo mama” battle the internet has ever seen. Bringing it back to 2007 when these jokes were on top of the humour pyramid, this sketch pays homage to a forgotten art.


BONUS: Alien Impostor

No duo shines a light more on racial tropes in an undeniably hilarious and satirical way. We all know the stereotypes but it takes Key & Peele to make them hilarious during an alien invasion.


The NZ International Comedy Festival is in full swing, featuring Fricken Dangerous Bro and plenty of other hilarious acts! Head to their website for all the deets.