If there’s one thing the pairing of Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce does well, it’s comedy.

And while their weekday radio program on The Rock is certainly a hit, nothing can quite beat their Friday television night spectaculars, Jono and Ben. This is where they jump, lift and most importantly, laugh their way into the weekend.

The show is filmed on a Thursday night in a tucked-away Auckland studio, one that also includes the set of TV3 afternoon gameshow Family Feud. For a humble reviewer like myself, watching the live filming was an entertaining, hilarious, and thoroughly enjoyable evening out. 

Previously titled Jono and Ben at Ten, the satirical news and entertainment show slipped into the primetime 7:30pm slot during 2015, and has gone from strength to strength ever since. It combines sketches, pranks and parodies, which the studio audience all see on a big screen crafted into the set,  filmed before our very own eyes!

It truly was quite a surreal experience, encapsulating the magic of television at its best. The recording took place over almost two hours, to then be cut by editors to fit into only one.

We were thoroughly ‘warmed up’ by Jono and Ben writer Sam Smith, who never ceased to entertain.  Jono and Ben strutted out, as did the affable Guy Williams, with a couple of words and actions for the crowd, before proceedings began. Although ‘on’ is probably a better word than ‘for’, as Jono rubbed himself against an unsuspecting audience member… as you do.

We laughed at ‘Guy Time’, almost fell off our seats while watching new segment Making Shapes, and lost our marbles when it was time for Sam and Emmett from The Block NZ to take part in ‘Next Actor‘. In ‘Kids Write, we got to see children write the jokes (one of which went terribly wrong) for Guy’s stand-up show at the Classic Comedy Club.

Among the other highlights were the ‘ambush’ of Mike Hosking, a cameo appearance from kids’ favourites Hi-Five, and Guy Williams trying to grab interviewees during the world premiere of new Richie McCaw biopic Chasing Great. This effort that was eventually rewarded with a hug from McCaw himself.

Overall, as we have come to expect – Jono and Ben rocked. Perhaps that’s the reason for their radio station of choice?

The team, which boasts an assortment of star-studded comedy talent, are quite simply awesome on television, and ultimately, even more so in person.

If you ever get an opportunity to see this squad perform live, take it with both hands, because I assure you, it’s something you do not want to miss!

Jono and Ben (2) - 2:9:16 - TWA

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