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Our beauty and skincare Maverick, CAITLIN HARSANT discovers a New Zealand gem: Tailor Skin Care.


Hello beauty lovers,

Awhile ago I was looking through all the articles I had written for my blog
, when I suddenly realised I hadn’t written a review for a face masque yet – a beauty sin, I know.

Immediately, I opened up my laptop in the pursuit of finding the perfect NZ-made, natural and organic face masque. It wasn’t long before I stumbled upon a wonderful little NZ Company called Tailor. They are relatively new to the beauty scene, but have already gained a reputable name with many natural beauties out there, as well as bloggers and the media.

Being a New Zealander myself, I am always eager to try out and support locally made products. It is humbling to see fellow Kiwis developing safe, organic beauty products, ultimately helping natural (REAL natural!) cosmetics into the mainstream beauty scene.


Before I start my review, here is a quick rundown of what Tailor Skin Care is all about.

Tailor Skin Care bases their 100% natural products around three main principles. These are:

Ingredients: Tailor will use only ingredients which benefit the mind, body and skin

Earth: Tailor will strive to make environmentally responsible business decisions

Animals: Tailor believes animal rights are paramount

Produced locally in Wellington, NZ, all of the Tailor Skin Care products are handmade in small batches to ensure each and every product is produced to a high quality. This also adds a unique authenticity to their products too which I really love. As mentioned above, the company strives itself on protecting both the earth and the animals. All their products are 100% vegan and Halal, and absolutely nothing is tested on animals. Furthermore, Tailor Skin Care is an environmentally responsible company, making ethical decisions concerning the environment. All products are packaged in gorgeous royal blue, jewel-toned glass containers, which can be either re-used or recycled. You can also rest assured that if you purchase products online, you will receive your order safe and sound delivered in an eco-pack made from recycled cardboard.


If you aren’t sold yet, here is my beauty rave review on the Tailor Skin Care Masque.

I absolutely love using facial masques which contain clay – and this one is no exception. Though I don’t have a lot of oil production on my face, I still suffer from the occasional pimple and also from blackheads. The cool thing about this product is that it contains Bentonite clay. This kind of clay actually expands when it’s wet (cool, huh?), and will literally draw impurities from the skin through its natural electrical charge, resulting in skin which is left clog-free and silky smooth.

Before applying my Tailor Masque, I washed my face with a gentle cleanser. This step is totally optional; I just prefer to have a cleaner face before applying a masque. I dried my face and then applied the masque in long strokes on my face, spreading the product lightly and evenly so my whole face was covered. I paid particular attention to areas which were in need of a little extra TLC, such as my nose and forehead, which is where I am prone to pimples and breakouts. I left my masque on for approximately fifteen minutes until it was completely dry. I actually applied my masque before having a warm bath, so I could relax as the masque was drying. You will notice a tight sensation when the masque is ready to rinse off. I used a warm cloth to wipe it off.

After using the masque just once, my skin definitely felt a lot nicer. I didn’t notice much of a visible difference in my skin immediately after use; however, the next morning there were fewer blackheads around my nose and cheeks. This masque is one of those products that makes your skin look gorgeously dewy and glowing. I would recommend using it at night before bed if you don’t like having a lot of shine to your skin during the day. I think you would get the most benefit from using this masque once per week. Tailor Skin Care also had a facial mist which they recommend using after taking off the masque.

You can also use this masque as a pimple spot treatment, an all over body masque, and ladies, it can also help to detox and firm up any cellulite. Winner!

Overall, this is a lovely, staple product. The packaging reminds me of the fifties; chic, sophisticated and glamorous. I agree with the core values of the company and totally support their principles. The masque will give you smoother and firmer skin whilst still being consumer conscious.


Visit the nice folk at Tailor Skin Care.