Avalanche City – My Babylon Tour
Date: 8th March 2019
Location: Anthology Lounge
Rating: 4/5

On a rainy, grey Friday night punters lined up along K Road, waiting to enter Auckland’s newest venue, Anthology Lounge. Avalanche City was set to take the stage to a sold out crowd on his My Babylon Album release tour.

Joseph (of Joseph & Maia) took the stage to open the night. As he began to play, the audience instantly fell silent – a pleasant surprise! Joseph performed songs from their recent album, Fear, as well as a new song or two. The crowd seemed to love his short set, there was some friendly heckling as Joseph shared stories between songs.

Avalanche City (Dave Baxter) had promoted this tour as solo shows in intimate venues. Unfortunately, due to the lack of seating, it was clear only those in the first couple of rows were going to get a good view. The venue was long, and the stage only half a metre high.

As Dave Baxter took the stage the crowd once again quieted in anticipation. He quipped that this could go well, or it good go wrong as he played around with some knobs on a box sitting on a stool next to him. Despite playing solo, there was a full sound from this mysterious box, a laptop and various pedals.

He introduced his song Left Behind, as a second about his ex-manager. He’s talked a lot in radio interviews and the press about his single Prayed for Love being about his ex-manager also. Dave candidly shared the ups and downs of gathering evidence and going to court.

Dave played for well over an hour and it was lovely to hear songs from his first and second album. For these, as well as the new tracks I often saw people in the crowd singing along. It’s clear Avalanche City has a loyal fanbase

Overall, the night was wonderful. Dave’s set was polished and emotively performed. He engaged with the crowd between songs and shared stories about writing the album. The crowd was attentive and respective, a rare thing to see these days.

Be sure to check out Avalanche City’s album My Babylon.

Set List

In Your Head
All About You
Left Behind
Ends In The Ocean
The Streets
Drive On
Prayed For Love
My Babylon
I Need You
Little Fire
Don’t Fall Asleep
Inside Out
Just Let Go
Love Love Love