From tomorrow, Auckland will be transformed by kaleidoscopic explosion of visual arts.

Artweek Auckland is an annual festival from Saturday 7th to 15th October, showcasing and celebrating the visual arts of Auckland. This week-long event will be showcasing over 1000 artists at more than 100 venues all over Auckland. There’s something for everyone; the festival invites anyone, from newcomers curious about the visual arts to aspiring artists and art connoisseurs.

Get involved. Immerse yourself in Auckland’s diverse and vibrant contemporary art scene. You’ll find something to see, do, join, learn, and enjoy at your local galleries, various pop ups, streets, public and private spaces. There will be exhibitions, walking and cycling tours, workshops, and much more.

The festival is presented by the New Zealand Contemporary Art Trust, which aims to promote the visual arts industry by creating opportunities for artists and connecting the public with the visual arts community.

Art is an expression of our humanity. There’s something out there for everyone. Don’t miss out this fantastic opportunity to dive into the world of the visual arts.

Join the celebration.

What are you looking forward to in this year’s Artweek? We asked our TEARAWAY Mavericks:


INKY PASTE-UP PAPER PARADISE is a showcase by Inky Palms, a group based at La Gonda Arcade on K Road. The collective is trying out their zine-based Risograph prints in the form of a wall art street mural, inspired by the Auckland Central Library’s heritage collection. A quick Google search tells me that the Risograph is a form of copier or printer that stencils art onto paper. It is supposedly cheap and quick, and therefore perfect for independent publishers. I am excited to find out more about Risograph printing, and how Inky Palms translates this form of creative zine making into a public display. – Dana Tetenburg

Photo supplied.

Thinking about coming along? Here are the details:

Where: Central City Library, 44/46 Lorne St

When: 8-15 October & late night art 10 October

Cost: Free

More info.


ART OF URBAN DESIGN is a guided tour in the CBD, exploring the diverse forms of creative expression in our city’s streets, squares, and laneways. The tour will open discussion about the design and use of our urban spaces, place-making, the role of public art, and the coexistence of history and modernity. As an urban planning student curious about what makes liveable and attractive cities, I was immediately interested in learning more about how the urban heart of Auckland city is shaped and designed. Cities are more complex than we think. – Marie Ysabel Landingin

Interested? Here are the details:

Where: TBC

When: Saturday 7 October 2pm–4pm & Saturday 14 October 11am-1pm

Cost: Free

More info.


HISTORY SEES DIVISION is a collective exhibition of various works at the Auckland Art Gallery that depict moments in New Zealand history where art and politics collide, particularly in the 1980s, a period where themes of social unrest thrived. What instantly caught my interest in this exhibition was the title, as the division of people and their perspectives lies in all significant historical moments. I am interested to see whether the artists portray this by upholding the cliché yet beautiful theme of art being able to serve as a unifying tool, or whether the pieces lean more towards formats of rebellion and expression. – Dana Tetenburg

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Thinking about visiting? Here are the details:

Where: Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, Corner Kitchener and Wellesley Streets

When: Daily 10am – 5pm, open until 12 November

Cost: Free

More info.


Fancy doing something out of the box next week with your family and pals? Find out more about Auckland Artweek 2017 and see what’s happening in your neighbourhood here. Check out @artweekauckland too!

Northart Bookworks in Devonport. Photo supplied.


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