By SOPHIE STONE.art_kit_logo_twa

Meet 17 year old Rosa Cockle from Albany!


What are you doing at the moment?

Working on my first art board for the external three board standard.


What are your inspirations?

Vincent Van Gogh and Vincent Ward.


What’s your favourite piece of art you’ve made?

My art works come into and fall out of my favour. I’ve never yet done a piece that stands out as different or better than the rest.


Favourite movie and why?

Les Misérables – because you can watch it again and again and it just gets better. And you don’t really have to watch it you can just listen.


Any weird talents or habits?

Do genetic mutations count as talents?


Do you think art is important for young people to access/make?

Yes. Creativity is a very important method of expressing one’s self.


What do you enjoy about art?

I’m not very good at expressing myself in words or in other forms of art.


Do you have any advice for other young artists or even the artistically challenged like me?

Do it anyway. Nobody cares if you’re not good at art. And never compare yourself to other artists. There will always be people better than you. Just do it because you enjoy it.


What are you planning on doing after school?

Who knows?


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