18 year old Kiwi, Nakita, could be your new favourite alt-pop queen. With a new song, SUCKA, and a recently released EP, Vision, we caught up with her for a chat.


What was your inspiration for the song SUCKA?

This song was written from my frustration about a friend’s unhealthy relationship. I know a taste of how blinding love and infatuation can be and I know it’s a vicious cycle of push and pull towards someone who you know isn’t good for you, but I still didn’t fully understand my friend and her situation. I forced myself to step into her world in order to understand the reality of an unhealthy relationship and why it was so hard to not just get out!

The line, “I’m a sucka for you,” wraps up the entirety of what the song is about. It’s about the aching push and pull addiction of returning to someone who is toxic and controlling. The hardest part is the fact you know that you’re being absolutely played, but because of their familiarity and charm, you keep [getting] locked in for more.


And you’ve got a video coming out as well. Can you tell me a little about that?

Yes! I was fortunate enough to work with one of my favourite directors, Sam Kristofski, who I met for the first time when I was recording the Vision EP. The whole video is shot on film, and is packed with bold, bright colours melted into snappy cuts of myself and my supposed ‘love interest’. The guy starring with me is Reuben Jacobs – the drummer of my band – which is rad to have him in there with me. It was a crazy week of five consecutive days of filming, but we all had the best time and got to experiment creatively which is always incredible.

It’s a bit of an anti-Valentines Day track, which we don’t often see in pop music. It’s all heart break and true love. What’s the message you’re hoping other teenagers can take from it?

I actually don’t think people talk often about how it is so easy to get caught up into an unhealthy relationship. Not only that but, just how hard it is to get out! If there was one thing I could say it would be [to] guard your heart and listen to the red flags. Love is blind.


What was your overall ‘vision’ for the Vision EP?

Vision came about through a heap of change in my life. Each song was written through times where I was maturing in different situations and discovering my path in life. I named the EP Vision as it is such a bold title and I hoped people would be able to learn more about me and where I want to go in the future through it. My ‘vision’ is my music, and the goal was to push limits with each track and create new sounds.


You worked with a lot of other people on this record. How did you find the process of working with different people? Did you have to adapt your writing method to suit?

One of the most rewarding things in music is working with people, so it is such an honour to have a team around me all striving for the same goal – a great song and EP. It is different with each writer really. At times they pushed my writing style in adventurous and exciting directions and at times we took what I had and refined it.


What does 2018 look like for you?

Well the next thing [on] the list is to perform at ‘Music in Parks’ on March 3rd alongside Mitch James. I’ll be doing a lot more songwriting and hope to release a few more singles, but performing is my main goal. I would love to perform for anyone who’s there to listen. Hopefully they connect with what I’m doing!


What other Kiwi musos are you digging at the moment?

Loveeee Matthew Young, Balu Bragada, BOYBOY and SACHI.


Do you have a favourite meme?

Haha oh man, good one. This one for sure.


Stream Nikita’s Vision EP- which includes the single, SUCKA, here:


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