I'm going to be really honest with you all: growing up, I never liked Monsters Inc. I know, I'm despicable! It's fair to say I didn't go crazy when the prequel, Monsters University hit cinemas.

I ended up watching it anyway and I'm extremely glad I did. Not only was I kept guessing throughout the film, there was a lot of hidden wisdom! I've compiled a list of seven life lessons that everyone should take away from Monsters University. Be warned: some of these come with lots of cheese.

(Disclaimer: If you haven't watched this movie, what are you doing with your life? Go watch it now and then come back.)

(But seriously do it. There are spoilers below. Don't say I didn't warn you.)


1.    There is no 'I' in team.


That thing we've all heard from peer support camp.

At the start of the Scare Games, Sulley and Mike were battling it out, trying to show off their own talents and be the best. This nearly got them both eliminated in the first round!

As a student studying communications at university, I know there is no way to escape group work. Now, I've had a few bad experiences, but the best ones have been when everyone has done their bit and helped each other out.

Seriously, when your goal is to do what is best for the team, instead of for yourself, everything else falls into place.

(Of course, this is provided that everyone else in the group shares your goal, otherwise you're screwed. You're welcome.)


2.    Revenge makes you ugly.


As soon as Mike opened the door to his dorm room and we all saw Randy Boggs standing there with his cute little glasses, we went, "Say what?!"

This was not the Randy we knew from Monsters Inc. That Randy was ruthless, sneaky and hateful. Monsters University showed him to be kind-hearted, extremely shy and totally lacking in confidence.

So what happened? Our chameleon monster wasn't able to forgive and forget. Yes, Sulley's roar cost Randy a good score in the final round. But to let that simmer and rage for all eternity did more harm to himself.

When you are so focused on making someone else's life miserable, when you are so full of hatred, you are robbing yourself of happiness.


3.    Be careful who you are trying to fit in with.


I could definitely see aspects of myself in Monsters University Randy. All he wanted was to be accepted and fit in with the 'cool kids'.

He wanted to be appreciated and feel important. However, there are times when we need to step back for a second and look at who we want to be associated with.

In the film, Roar Omega Roar ran the show. They were the top dogs who everyone wanted to be in with. Did that make them nice, though?

It's important to sort out your priorities, whether you would rather be popular with shady morals or ostracised with integrity. And if you have seen Monsters University, you know what our Oozma Kappa brothers chose.


4.    Don't hate me 'til you know me.


Humans are so quick to make judgments about each other with only the tiniest bit of information about a person.

Take any X Factor audition, for example. As soon as someone walks out on the stage, people take in their physical appearance: "Oh, that guy is really fat and he's wearing Crocs. I bet this is going to be a joke!" All before the person has said a single word.

In Monsters University, Mike thinks Sulley has had everything handed down to him, that he has never had to really work for anything. But Mike doesn't understand the pressure that comes with being a Sullivan. Everyone expects big things from Sulley.

To use a really old, cheesy cliche, we really don't know a person until we've taken a walk in their shoes.


5.    You never win just because you want it more.


You hear winning rugby teams say it all the time: "I guess we just wanted it more in the end." Not true. The idea that someone wins the game, gets the job, or passes the test because of their supposedly greater desire to do so, is ludicrous.

This kind of attitude degrades the effort put in by the opposition. So what, they obviously didn't care if they won or lost?

At his lowest point in the film, Mike is sitting by the lake and he tells Sulley: "I wanted it more than anyone. And I thought if I wanted it enough, I could show everybody that Mike Wazowski is something special."

Our favourite green monster wanted to be a scarer ever since he was a kid, dedicating his whole life to it. To look at him and say he just didn't want it enough demeans all the planning and hard work Mike put into reaching his goal.

I wish our success was based on the extent of our desire and dedication, but that's just not reality. You may still get that B even though you studied your butt off for the exam, while your friend who literally did nothing aces it with an A+.

So should you just give up then? No. Take a look at life lessons number six and seven. (Yes, I'm trying to get you to finish my article.)


6.    Everyone has different strengths; know yours!


One of my favourite scenes in the film is when Mike takes the team to Monsters Inc. Apart from some quality bonding time and Art's outburst of "I can't go back to jail again," what I really enjoyed about it was the fact that every scarer was different.

Mike points out to his fellow Oozma Kappa team mates that each scarer used their different strengths to maximise their scaring ability. There was no one style which was better than another.

We all have different things that we are good at! Stop comparing your strengths to someone else's. Instead devote yourself to being the best you can be.


7.    There is no one path to get from A to B.


Mike had a life goal to be a scarer, so he made a plan on how to get there. Go to Monsters University. Get a scaring degree. Graduate and work for Monsters Inc. as a scarer.

Although they may not be as detailed as Mike's, I'm sure you have plans as well. Plans to finish school and become a musician, engineer, journalist - you fill in the blank. How do you get there? Well, there is no one correct way.

Mike thought that getting a scaring degree was the only way to fulfil his dreams, but at the end of the film we see him and Sulley slumming it out in Monsters Inc's post office, rising up the ranks until they are scarers.

There is a huge lie floating around society today that if you don't get a degree, you must be dumb. But everyone learns in different ways, everyone wants to do different things, so it should be obvious that university isn't for everyone!

And so what if you finish high school and you don't know what you want to do? Why waste a heck load of money on a degree that you don't even know you'll like? Seriously, take a gap year, travel, give yourself some time to think and make your friends jealous by all the cool Instagram pics you have.

By now your arteries have probably clogged up from all the cheese you've absorbed. I'm sorry for that. But our childhood friends are definitely onto something. So, if you're ever feeling down, just remember, at Oozma Kappa, we are OK!