The season of the year’s final standardised assessments is nigh. Here are a few lessons I’ve learned so far.

#1. Relax and be positive

It is possible if you’re reading this that you are procrastinating. Most people I know procrastinate; the trick now is to not let it stop you. You can’t undo procrastination, but you can take a few minutes to re-energise and recalibrate before you begin your next task with the best possible start. Remember to stay calm: you’ve done the hard yards and now is the time to show the examiners what you can do. You’re not alone here, so feel free to reach out for help.

#2. Whatever stage you are at right now, recovery is possible

Even on exam day, whatever happens, you’ll get through this. It might not be pretty and it might feel like an uphill struggle, but remember that whenever you fall, you can rise again.

#3. Celebrate little achievements

Reward yourself and have breaks, but don’t lose sight of what you need to learn. Congratulate yourself on getting an education and making it through so far.

#4. Don’t forget the basics, like your health

Ease up on energy drinks. No one wants to write essays with caffeinated, trembling hands AKA ‘the jitters’.  Ease up on all-nighters too; that way you can feel fresh come exam day. Shortcuts aren’t always the best option.

#5. Trust yourself

This will all pass in time. Remember that you are more than capable and you’ll do an amazing job. Now get out there and do your best – we know you can! Love, TEARAWAY Magazine