We all want to be more efficient, more timely, more adequate – more productive. In today's fast-paced culture of active self-development, we are constantly seeking ways to improve ourselves but sometimes it's hard to know where to begin. By RACHEL CHO.

#1. Don't be listless

A good way of achieving productivity is to write to-do lists. Start off the list with incredibly easy, trivial and attainable tasks so that you can cross them off and get into the air of productivity, which will continue to motivate you into actually getting things done.

#2. Break it down

Break down each task into little subtasks to get yourself into the mindset. Instead of 'write essay' which can be daunting, try breaking it down into multiple tasks, such as 'write intro', 'plan structure.' Crossing items off makes you feel some semblance of productivity, eventually leading you up the path of achieving the actual thing.

#3. Make social media a reward, not a distraction

Social media and the internet spell the death of productivity for most of us. Read your unopened messages after you've revised that dreaded textbook chapter. Save the reply and the obligatory scroll through your newsfeed for when you've crossed out at least four things on your to-do list. Treat it like a reward system!

#4. Follow the two minute rule

If it takes less than two minutes, do it then and there. Too often we find ourselves finding more excuses to delay, another reason to postpone, until we are bombarded with an unpleasant accumulation of lots of annoying little tasks that must be completed.

#5. Deadline yourself

For the things that take a little longer than two minutes, create deadlines. We all have them for school and work, but you can also set them for personal things, such as your next eye exam, or returning a faulty product. Impose deadlines so that these little things don't add up.

Getting into the productivity mindset might not easy. We can all read about how to be productive and we may experience some sense of fleeting motivation after doing so. But once that feeling subsides, we revert and our exposure to these tips are rendered non-existent. Reading this and not making changes is yet another form of procrastination, so don't do it! Put the two minute rule to use NOW, and actively make the effort.

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