Study leave is not usually the favourite time of the year for many a student, so procrastinating becomes tempting. Sometimes it’s best not to fight it, but you can make good choices.

Don’t throw away an hour watching tedious videos of someone else’s cat, when you could be making notes on that required reading you didn’t do. Since we already know we will procrastinate and spend a few hours here and there being academically unproductive, here are some videos to watch for a wind-down, which will keep your brain juices flowing too.

#1. Sarah Kay – B

If you haven’t delved into the world of spoken word poetry, this is your initiation. This moving performance captivates you and leaves a lasting impression. It articulates the struggles of being, then ultimately serves as a reminder for the joys of it too. It’s a perfect intermission for the periods of arduous revision time, because it makes you feel like your current struggles don’t matter all too much in the context of the bigger picture – in the sense that performing below your standards in an exam isn’t the end of the world.

#2. RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms

Why do we place so much importance on exam performance anyway? Does this speak to our lifelong institutionalisation in the education system? While studying for your exams, this video is food for thought that lets you step back and question your place in the education system.* The video offers intellectual stimulation that keeps your deep thinking systems active and engaged, while giving you some space to disengage from your revision for a while.

*TEARAWAY does not encourage NOT taking your exams seriously!

#3. Amanda Palmer – The Art of Asking

TED talks are a good way to disengage from one thing, while being engaged in general. A lengthy yet rewarding watch, this video presents us the valuable learning experience of another person, which we too can heed. It reminds us that nothing is a waste, and that we can wield our experiences for our own benefit, even if we aren’t aware of this at the time.

#4. The Innovation of Loneliness

Now, before you repeatedly refresh your newsfeed in the hopes of stumbling upon something more interesting than your notes, have a look at this video about social media networks. Most of us are using Facebook to avoid exam revision at some point. The video implicates the possibility that we’re using Facebook and other social media platforms as evasion of something bigger – certainly something to think about before turning to Facebook as procrastination refuge.

#5. Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla

Music is always a great way to take a break. It can be relaxing whilst highly stimulating, as it evokes thoughts and memories that keep you awake and livened up. This song in particular is uplifting, matched with a joyful video that motivates you to power through your current struggles. Whether it’s exams or something else you’re dealing with, it will encourage you to persist while keeping the joys within you ignited.