New Year’s resolutions have been made for years. Sometimes they are kept, but, more often than not, they aren’t. Here are some ideas for resolutions that are pretty easy to stick to and will ensure a more fulfilling new year.


#1. Read a book for pleasure each month

There are some amazing authors out there, whose stories are easy to relate to. You can learn about new places, new cultures, or just improve your vocabulary. Reading can be a great escape for the stress that many teens encounter in everyday life. Expand your horizons by reading books.


#2. Reduce texting

Texting has almost replaced verbal communications for many of us. Try reducing the number of text messages you send to friends and actually call them on the phone or visit them in person. While texting has its place, nothing can replace the bond formed by spending real, face-to-face time with the people you care about.


#3. Learn to love yourself

This is possibly the most important resolution that anyone can make. This year, decide not to let anything someone says negatively affect how you feel about yourself. Their opinions really don’t matter because, after all, they are just opinions, not facts. If you start developing a more positive self-image, you will stop caring what people are say and start concentrating on what your real friends and loved ones are trying to encourage you with.


#4. Make new friends

You never know what and who you might be missing by making a new friend. Sometimes, by reaching out to that person sitting alone and that nobody else is talking to, you might be making a real friend who will remain your friend for life. You never know until you try. If you’re not inviting other people to do things, they can’t reciprocate, and they may be sitting at home waiting for someone to ask them to do something. Someone has to make the first move.


#5. Try to break a bad habit

Let’s face it, all of us have at least one bad habit. Maybe you eat too much junk food, don’t take good care of your body or your skin, bite your nails, or procrastinate. Take this year to look at yourself, determine what one bad habit you would most like to eliminate, and do everything you can to change it. It may take some planning and willpower to accomplish it, but you are strong enough to make it happen.


Happy New Year!

This guest post was written by Jeff Bearden, AKA “The Get Back on Your Feet Guy”.

Bearden inspires today’s youth to get back on their feet, stand up to bullying, battle depression, and live lives free of alcohol and drugs through his motivational speaking. As a professional wrestler for over 25 years, working under the names “Giant Warrior” and “Tiger Steele”, Bearden entertained audiences all over the world, including audiences of over 75,000. Through his wrestling career, he had experiences both positive and negative that he brings to his speeches. The topics that Bearden speaks on are those that have personally affected him and people he knew from his life on the road, providing his audience with a judgment-free and relatable message. His message is as powerful as his seven-foot stature: no matter where you are in your life and no matter what cards life has dealt you, you can get back on your feet and thrive.