The internet is a wonderful place. I love being able to find out about little things happening across the globe – things that have nothing to do with me but are exciting and interesting. I love going to the internet for inspiration. Not even for a specific project, but because I like looking at and reading about new ideas and concepts.

The internet is a big place and sometimes it’s overwhelming and difficult to find things. So these are a few of the websites I like to follow because they do the hard work for me and bring me little bits and pieces of goodness from around the world.


#1. My Modern Met

My Modern Met features art, design, photography and architecture. I’ve been able to discover a number of talented artists doing things a little differently, whether it’s mini sketches with intricate detailing, or using lips as a canvas. This site is all about celebrating creative ideas and it’s a treasure trove of hidden gems and little bits of goodness.

Check these links:

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#2. Arch Daily

Arch Daily is all about architecture. Though I’ve never had a particular desire to be an architect or an interest in the mechanics of how buildings are crafted, I’ve always been fascinated by the design side of architecture – what the finished product looks like to a passer-by. I’m also interested in function and Arch Daily has introduced me to countless tiny buildings all about living simply in small spaces.


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#3. DesignTAXI

Of these three, DesignTAXI can be the most lighthearted. It features all sorts of weird and wonderful things, like dogs trying to lick peanut butter off each others’ lips – so not strictly design-related pieces! It has everything from fashion and lifestyle to product design and gadgets. Plus there’s a great tutorial section, life hacks and as well with tips and tricks for designers.


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