It’s the start of a new television season over in the ol’ land of the free, home of the brave, and residence of the world’s largest pistachio nut which means many of our favourite shows are returning with fresh episodes. And of course some brand new shows are taking their first steps from behind the curtain.

But which of these shows should you watch? Which of these shows are being fast tracked by the local networks? Which shows will you need to watch through Hulu with a bit of DNS magic? Fear not! Here are some of the best shows debuting in the next few weeks.


Remember how I said that iZombie was possibly one of the best new shows of 2015? Well it still is and probably will stay as such. It’s smart, funny, witty and original (in spite of the fact it is another zombie something). This season looks to be a doozy as well: Peyton is still missing, Major has finally learned the truth, Blaine has been turned back into a human, and Liv’s brother needs a blood transfusion after being caught up in the explosion of Blaine’s brain butchery, but Liv is the only one who is his blood type, well was. I can’t wait for some more sassy zombie crime fighting goodness.

iZombie will be debuting on TVNZ OnDemand October 7.

The Flash

The Flash is another great show that will be making it’s sophomore debut. Last season’s finale was fairly epic with that whole wormhole thing and Barry saying goodbye to his mum and old fake Wells getting killed and the original Flash’s hat making an appearance and stuff. This season looks to be just as awesome with Jay Garrick, the original Flash, becoming a mentor for Barry in what might be a slightly different world.

The Flash should land on NZ screens October 7 at 9:30pm on TV2.



And of course Arrow is making a return as well. Arrow has gotten a little bit dull in recent times but will hopefully take some inspiration from it’s much more fun partner in crime (or justice). Last season saw Oliver hang up his suit and drive off into the sunset with Felicity, but if the trailer is anything to go by Oliver Queen’s crime fighting days are far from over (Green Arrow perhaps?).

Arrow looks set to debut October 8 at 9:30pm on TV2.

The Walking Dead

Rick lost the plot last season, even more so than usual, which made for some pretty heavy viewing. As you may remember, TWD left off at an Alxeandria town meeting about Rick’s behaviour where drunk wife beater Pete accidentally kills Deanna’s, the town’s leader, husband at which point she hysterically orders an all too happy to oblige Rick to kill him. This all while Morgan and Glenn walk in and undoubtedly think WTF. With Rick seemingly put in charge of things at Alexandria this season I am sure things are about to get even more insane.

The Walking Dead will be back October 12 at 9:30pm on TV2.



Gotham didn’t do too well in the ratings over here so I wouldn’t expect to see it air soon, but it is definitely coming back to NZ screens. With Barbara gone nutso, The Riddler having made his first kill, and a young Joker out and about, this season should be filled with drama.

Gotham’s new season debuted September 21st in the US. It will air on TV2 at some point in the future.

Scream Queens

I was never into Glee and American Horror Story was a bit too much for me, but this new show Scream Queens from creator Ryan Murphy (he also created Glee and AHS) might be just the right mix of scares and comedy to get this guy on board.

Scream Queens just premiered in the States. No word yet on a NZ premiere date.



When the trailer for Supergirl came out earlier this year it copped a bit of flack, but I for one am quite excited for it. It is produced by Greg Berlanti, the guy behind Arrow and The Flash, and we know how great those are. I’m sure Supergirl will be just as awesome.

TV2 will be airing Supergirl, hopefully sooner rather than later. It starts October 26 in the US.


How to get Away with Murder

HTGAWM is fairly addictive television, if you haven’t seen the first season go give it a look and you’ll soon see why I can’t wait for season two.

How to get Away with Murder will air on TV2 sometime in 2016. It is set to premiere in the States tomorrow our time.

The Big Bang Theory

For the first time ever, The Big Bang Theory will be fast tracked by TVNZ. Which makes sense considering it’s one of their highest rating shows. TBBT is fairly unoriginal, but what can I say, it is pretty entertaining.

The Big Bang Theory’s latest season debuted last night at 8:30pm on TV2 and is available on demand.


Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers is just so funny. You’ve gotta love Bob and his ever so slightly odd family, especially Tina. The good news is that Four is fast tracking it this year so we won’t have to wait for our serving of greasy goodness.

Bob’s Burgers starts back October 1 at 8pm on Four.


The Muppets

The Muppets are coming back to TV screens everywhere in a single camera comedy that takes a look behind the scenes of the fictional Up Late with Miss Piggy. It’s like The Office meets, well, The Muppet Show and is sure to be hilarious.

The Muppets is coming to TV2, no word on a start date though. It began airing in the States this week.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine doesn’t get enough love in this country, with it’s second season currently playing a year behind on TV2. The thing is though, since Parks and Rec finished up it just might be the funniest sitcom currently on television. So do the right thing and give it a watch.

No word on a season three premiere date for NZ, but it starts in the States September 28 our time.


The Grinder

A new series in which Rob Lowe stars as an actor who played a lawyer for eight years and decides to become one with no legal training at all, much to his actual lawyer brother’s dismay.

No word yet on an NZ premiere date, but The Grinder starts September 30 our time.