#1. It’s like a massive dance rave outside – how awesome is that?!

#2. The crowd gets in on the fun and dresses up. I spotted pirates, clowns, fairies and even pandas!

#3. The stage setup is an epic visual mix of a high DJ riser and big screens that turned the festival into more than just your average music gig.

#4. There are two zones (separating the under 18’s and the over 18’s) including stadium seating if the raving and dancing gets a bit too much.

#5. Don’t you love when you’re at an awesome music festival and in the middle of your favourite song blasting, the bass drops and the confetti cannons go off making a magical sky?

#6. You know it’s a great event when you come away with new artists and songs for your party playlist.

#7. Future brings together a mix of local and international acts for a fantastic night

#8. 18-year-old Martin Garrix bought all the awesome visuals and fire and smoke flying in every direction during his anticipated set this year

#9. Having one of the hottest DJs on the planet finish off the night was also a highlight; Avicii is amazing.

#10. Future Sound System overall has an epic atmosphere full of people from different ages partying under the Auckland night sky in a stadium full of music lovers. Perfect mix!