$1 Reserve is a brand new webseries launching today for your viewing pleasure. Commissioned by The Actors’ Program, it’s about the connections we make with strangers through Trade Me transactions. The cast includes former Shortland Street star Geordie Hollibar and Zoe Robbins from The Tribe and The Killian Curse.  We caught up with Geordie to find out more about $1 Reserve and his career as an actor.


You are a part of The Actors’ Program; what advice can you give to other young people wanting to get into the acting business?

Lots of acting, the more the better. Be as proactive as you can and try to stack up experience, be it short films or some local theatre. Get amongst it and have fun.

You previously starred on Shortland Street; what was that experience like?

A blur. I was at school for most of my time at Shortland Street so although I didn’t touch my homework, it was still pretty full-on. I really enjoyed my time there though and the experience went a long way to get me into The Actors’ Program.

What is $1 Reserve about and what is your involvement in it?

$1 Reserve is about a girl who makes some bad assumptions, sells her boyfriend’s stuff and now needs to get it all back because – as so often happens with assuming – she’s wrong.
So it’s about her journey as she goes from person to person trying to rectify her colossal screw-up. As for my part, I’m in first scene in the first episode, so watch it and find out!

What does it take to put together a web series?

I’m probably not the most qualified to say. I mostly just learnt my words and then said them on the day. But I guess most important is having people with the skills and also the passion for the project. You probably don’t even need the skills, just a story you want to tell and an iPhone 5 camera – quick shout out to Apple!

What’s your ultimate career dream?

Right now, it’s probably making a living off acting. That’s the dream: Pay the bills with acting.

What is your proudest achievement in life thus far?

The Actors’ Program – the whole experience. I can’t choose anything specific without feeling like I’ve forgotten something important.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

You should focus on being two of three things; on time, good at what you do, and nice to be around. Which has a certain logic to it.

$1 Reserve was directed by Curtis Vowell and written for 16  Actors’ Program students by Sophie Henderson. Check it out here – and get ready for your new webseries addiction!